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Utopia Topic Tracking: Values/Morals

Values 1: Raphael speaks highly of Utopia's practice of rewarding virtue, a practice that has affected his opinion of how a ruling government should act.

Values 2: Everybody respects their elders, and is obedient to the governor of their family. People value their duties, and so wives serve their husbands, and children serve their parents.

Values 3: Utopians do not advocate hunting, and they find it immoral to kill animals simply for the thrill of killing.

Values 4: People value other people's labor and products to such a degree that if a person from the city is visiting the country for more than a day, this person partakes in country work.

Values 5: Utopians value everything that God has given them, including their body, which they take good care of. They think it wrong and immoral to leave the body idle, ruining something that God has bestowed upon them.

Values 6: They value virtue, and punish those who embrace before marriage.

Values 7: Utopians value marriage, and one form of punishment is forbidding a person to marry. It is also apparent that they value marriage because divorces are very difficult to obtain, and polygamy is illegal.

Values 8: They value freedom, which is shown by their willingness to help neighbors get rid of tyrants, and by their law allowing freedom of religion.

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