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Utopia Topic Tracking: Money

Money 1: Thieves exist in England, and other countries, because they need to live and cannot find jobs, due to handicaps or other valid reasons. These people have no money to buy necessities, such as food and clothing, and so they steal.

Money 2: Money is much more valuable than human life. Raphael states this when saying that killing somebody for stealing money is too harsh a punishment.

Money 3: Slaves in Utopia are allowed to accept food, drink and clothes from their friends, but they are forbidden to accept money.

Money 4: The Macarians have free circulation of money, as the king believes this will increase commerce and exchange.

Money 5: Raphael thinks that as long as there is property and money in a nation, it cannot be governed justly or happily.

Money 6: Any excess money from Utopia's exports is stored in gold or treasures, which are then used to pay for imports or to raise armies.

Money 7: Money is also raised through revenues from the lands that they have conquered in previous wars.

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