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Utopia Topic Tracking: Happiness

Happiness 1: Happiness does not consist of material things, such as position and title.

Happiness 2: As long as there is property and money, no nation will be ruled justly, or be happy.

Happiness 3: Happiness lies in the improvement of the mind, and therefore as much time as possible is made available for this.

Happiness 4: The source of happiness is much disputed, among all people, in Utopia.

Happiness 5: God designed the soul to be happy, and as people should always follow God's guidelines, they should try to be happy.

Happiness 6: Nobody should inconvenience anyone else in order to make himself or herself happy. The result of this is that nobody is unhappy.

Happiness 7: Utopians are convinced that people are much happier in their next state of life than in this one.

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