Of their Towns, Particularly of Amaurot Notes from Utopia

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Utopia Of their Towns, Particularly of Amaurot

The only difference between any of the towns in Utopia is the topography. Thus, by studying one town, we know what they all look like. Amaurot is the most eminent town, as it is where the supreme council resides. Amaurot is located on the side of a hill, and a river, Anider, runs by it. Anider runs down to the ocean, and is fortified at its source so that enemies will not be able to poison or redirect the water, as the town depends on this river for water supply. A wall, with many towers and forts, surrounds Amaurot. The wall also has a ditch surrounding three of four sides, and a river on the fourth side.

Houses inside the town are identical, with a solid build of three floors. Each house has a garden in the back, where vines, fruits, herbs and flowers are grown. The tenants take great pride in their gardens, which form the character of the town. Any man is free to walk into any house at any time as nobody owns any property, and therefore there is nothing to steal. Every ten years, people are shifted into new houses by lots. The town's history is kept on record, and runs back 1760 years. From these records, the development of the houses, and town can be discovered.

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