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Utopia Hypothetical Meeting at the French Court

Raphael next starts telling a hypothetical story, asking More what he thinks the outcome would be if he were to propose good laws to kings, showing them all their flaws and evils. Raphael is certain that this would get him turned out of Court, or laughed at. He then goes on to give an example in the form of a hypothetical meeting at the French Court, where each council member is recommending to the king tactics to expand the French territory and/or gain advantage over another nation. All the tactics include ruthlessness and disregard for the other nation. In this hypothetical meeting, Raphael imagines himself giving his true opinion, which is to learn from the mistake of the rulers of Utopia, who tried so hard to expand their kingdom that they ended up making their own people miserable. Therefore, it Raphael thinks that,

"It seemed much more eligible that the king should improve his ancient kingdom all he could, and make it flourish as much as possible; that he should love his people, and be beloved of them; that he should live among them, govern them gently, and let other kingdoms alone, since that which had fallen to his share was big enough, if not too big for him." French Court, pg. 19

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