Chapter 8 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 8

Haley returns, defeated, to the tavern where Eliza had temporarily lodged. There, he happens upon an acquaintance named Tom Loker and Tom's colleague, a man named Marks. Upon learning that Loker and Marks are professional slave catchers, he makes a deal with the two men--in exchange for their services in catching Harry, he will give them Eliza and let them take her to be sold into the New Orleans slave market. After some quarreling, they agree to the deal, and Haley gives the men a down payment for their services. Meanwhile, Sam and Andy return to the Shelby farm, where they inform Mr. and Mrs. Shelby of what happened. Mr. Shelby sounds skeptical, but Sam convinces him that it was true, and that he believes that divine intervention facilitated her crossing.

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Sam proudly tells Mrs. Shelby that his stalling abetted Eliza's successful escape, and Mr. Shelby half-heartedly admonishes him and sends him to Chloe and Tom's cabin for dinner. There, he tells Chloe and several other slaves his story, boastfully embellishing it and exaggerating his role in her successful escape. Chloe, growing weary and in a pensive mood, sends him out, and everyone retires for the evening.

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