Chapter 43 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 43

Chapter 43

George Shelby sends Cassy Eliza's bill of sale, which confirms her suspicions that Eliza is her long-lost daughter. Madame de Thoux and Cassy, having a common bond, travel together to Canada, where they locate the missionary with whom George and Eliza stayed when they first arrived in Canada. George and Eliza had since moved to Montreal, where they had been living for five years. George had found employment in a machinist's shop, and on this income he supported Eliza, Harry, and their newest child, a daughter. Cassy and Madame de Thoux sought out the help of a pastor in Amherstberg, and he traveled with them to Montreal. One evening, the pastor, Cassy, and Madame de Thoux find themselves at George and Eliza's apartment, and the two women reveal their identities to George and Eliza.

Everyone bursts into tears, and the group spends the evening getting acquainted. After awhile, Madame de Thoux explains that her husband has passed away, leaving a small fortune to her, which she wishes to divide amongst the new family. She asks George what he wants, and he tells her that he has always wanted an education. The family decides to sail to France, taking Emmeline with them. Emmeline falls in love with the first mate of the vessel carrying them to France, and she marries him. After their arrival in France, George studies at a university and earns his degree. Political troubles in France led them to flee, and they decide to set sail for Africa, where George feels he belongs. Madame de Thoux begins an inquiry as to the whereabouts of Cassy's son, and he is eventually located in the north, where he had escaped and become educated with the help of friends. He decides to join the family in Africa. Meanwhile, in Vermont, Miss Ophelia has taken Topsy to live with her. Miss Ophelia raised Topsy as a Christian, and Topsy is eventually baptized as a Christian and moves to Africa to live and work as a missionary.

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