Chapter 27 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 27

The St. Clare household is preparing to bury Eva. Topsy enters the room where Eva is being kept, and she asks the haughty servant Rosa if she can place a flower there. Rosa, who has always been condescending to Topsy, orders her out, but St. Clare tells Topsy she can stay. Topsy places the flower at Eva's side and throws herself on the floor, sobbing wildly that she wishes she was dead, now that the only person who ever loved her is gone. She carries on this way until Miss Ophelia tells her tearfully that while she is not as good as Eva was, she can--and does--love her:

"'Topsy, you poor child, don't give up! I can love you, though I am not like that dear little child. I hope I've learnt something of the love of Christ from her. I can love you; I do, and I'll try to help you to grow up a good Christian girl.'" Chapter 27, pg. 297

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The St. Clare family returns to New Orleans, where St. Clare attempts to keep himself busy socializing and venturing out to avoid his grief. One day he tells Tom that he wants to believe the Bible but can't. Tom tearfully tells St. Clare that he must believe and that he'd be willing to sacrifice his life to see St. Clare become a Christian. Tom asks St. Clare to read him the Bible, as Eva used to do it for him. St. Clare does, and he confesses to Tom that he wants to believe but simply can't. He asks Tom to teach him how to pray, and Tom leads him in a beautiful prayer. St. Clare is moved and feels as if the prayer has somehow brought him closer to Eva. He tells Tom that he would like to hear more some time but needs to be alone for awhile, and Tom leaves the room.

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