Chapter 23 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 23

Augustine's brother Alfred and Alfred's son, Henrique come to visit the St. Clare's at their villa. Eva and Henrique have both gotten new ponies recently, and they decide to ride them together. When Henrique's servant Dodo brings him his horse, Henrique notices that the horse is covered in dust, and beats his young servant with his riding whip:

"'There, you impudent dog! Now will you learn not to answer back when I speak to you? Take the horse back, and clean him properly. I'll teach you your place!'" Chapter 23, pg. 264

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Eva is horrified and tells Henrique that he should treat Dodo kindly and with love. Henrique laughs at the idea that he should love his servant, but Eva is so crestfallen that he speaks to Dodo kindly for her sake. When Dodo helps Eva onto her horse, she thanks him, and the boy is so startled and touched that his eyes well up with tears.

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Meanwhile, St. Clare is standing on the porch with his brother and has witnessed the whole scene. He remarks to Alfred that Henrique seems to take after his father in his bearing and disciplinary manner. Alfred comments that Henrique indeed has a bad temper, and he and Henrique's mother have tried to calm him to no avail. The two men begin to discuss the issue of slavery, and St. Clare tells Alfred that he believes that one day the slaves will rise up and overthrow the current rule of law. Alfred rejects his argument as ridiculous, arguing that certain people are born into a higher class and are naturally smarter and more deserving of rights than others. They soon realize that they must agree to disagree and go inside for a game of backgammon. Eva and Henrique return from their ride, and St. Clare notices that Eva is extremely short of breath. He chastises her for riding so hard and tells Henrique not to ride fast with her. Henrique promises to take better care of her, and he clasps her hand as she is resting on the couch. She chastises him again for his treatment of Dodo and tells him he should love his servants as she does hers. He says that he cannot love his servants, and she asks him if the Bible does not say that they should love everyone. She turns quiet, and asks him to love Dodo and be kind to him for her sake.

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He tells her earnestly that he could love anything for her sake, for she is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.

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