Chapter 13 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 13

Eliza is sitting in a comfortable cottage with a Quaker woman named Rachel Halliday and her husband, Simeon. Rachel tells Eliza that she can stay with them as long as she needs, as no escaped slaves have ever been discovered or captured from their property. Eliza thanks her but says she must leave soon, as she is so sick with fear that Harry will be taken that she is having visions of him being snatched from her. Simeon asks Eliza if her last name is Harris, and she answers affirmatively. Simeon then tells Rachel quietly that his friend Peter is bringing several more fugitives to their home later that evening, one of whom is named George Harris. Rachel shares the joyous news with Eliza, who is so buoyed by it that she falls to sleep easily for the first time since she ran away from the Shelby farm. Later, she awakens to the sight of George, lying beside her and crying tears of joy. The next morning, the Hallidays, their children, and Eliza, George and Harry gather around the table for breakfast, and Simeon tells George that his friend Phineas Fletcher will carry them on to the next stand.

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