Chapter 10 Notes from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 10

In Uncle Tom's cabin, Chloe is ironing shirts and Tom is reading his Bible and looking sadly at his children. Chloe begins to weep, saying that she believes she will never see her husband again and expressing her fear that he will be sold to a cruel master who will work him to death. Tom soothingly tells her that wherever he ends up, he will be in the hands of God.

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Mrs. Shelby enters the cabin, and all begin weeping together. Mrs. Shelby promises Tom that she will buy him back as soon as she can get the money. Haley comes into the cabin to get Tom, and everyone follows them to Haley's carriage. Haley slaps fetters on Tom's feet, despite Mrs. Shelby's insistence that the precaution isn't necessary. Tom looks at Mrs. Shelby and expresses his disappointment that George Shelby, her son, was not on the farm to see him off. He tells her to give him his love, and the party is off. Mr. Haley and Tom drive a ways, then Mr. Haley stops at a blacksmith's shop to have some handcuffs altered to fit Tom. The blacksmith, recognizing Tom, tells Mr. Haley that Tom is honest and reliable and would not run away. Just then, George Shelby runs up along side the wagon, gets in and throws his arms around Tom's neck and angrily declares that the sale isn't fair. George gives Tom a dollar and tells him to look at it and think of the time in the future when George will come to rescue him. Tom accepts it at George's insistence and implores him to be good to his parents and maintain his religious faith. George promises to do so. Haley comes out of the store and puts the handcuffs on Tom, much to George's consternation. Tom tells him goodbye, and the wagon proceeds south.

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