Book 4, Chapter 7 Notes from The Two Towers

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The Two Towers Book 4, Chapter 7

Frodo and Sam lie down again and get up later to eat with Faramir. He gives them some directions and presents them with staves as parting gifts. He apologizes for not being able to give more, and says he wants to blindfold Gollum on the way out. Frodo tells him to blindfold Sam and himself first so that Smeagol won't panic. They walk blinded for some time, until Faramir lets them see again. He bids them a fond farewell and warns them again to be careful. Smeagol is glad when the men leave and Sam chastises him for wishing the men ill. They travel during the day and the following night, resting only briefly. When they do rest, Gollum wakes them before dawn and they travel for most of the day as the forest becomes more barren and scattered. There are neither animals nor birds to be seen. They come to a valley and far off they set their eyes on the ominous walls of Mordor. Frodo asks Gollum if he knows where they are and he does. He tells them how much longer it will be. There is a road through the valley, but it wouldn't be safe to use it. Gollum says that they must travel in the night now and they rest for a little longer.

In the middle of the night, Gollum wakes the hobbits and they all move ahead. The ground changes and becomes more barren. The slope steepens. They halt after a while and it seems as if there is a great darkness slowly moving westward. As the day arrives, Gollum bids them to hurry and find shelter. They find space in a thicket of dried and scorched trees. Frodo looks over the burned land and asks when they will arrive. They are close to Minas Ithil. The day breaks and the hobbits eat. Sam thinks about his pipe and asks Frodo why he hasn't slept. There is a great booming sound followed by trumpets. Darkness rises even though it is mid-day. The afternoon drags out and Gollum leaves. When he returns, he says that they must move quickly. He leads them down a hill in single file for about an hour. They come to the crossroads. Smeagol explains that the must cross these. At the intersection is a great statue of a seated king. His head sits on the ground and a crown of flowers has grown upon it. Frodo's spirit rises briefly and they continue to move.

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