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The Two Towers Book 4, Chapter 5

Sam wakes to see that Faramir has returned. He is talking to Frodo.

"'But it was at the coming of the Halfling that Isildur's Bane should waken, or so one must read the words...If then you are the Halfling that was named, doubtless you brought this thing, whatever it may be, to the Council of which you speak, and there Boromir saw it.'" Book 4, Chapter 5, pg, 343

Faramir wants to hear more about Isildur's Bane, but Frodo does not wish to reveal the Ring. He asks why such a thing would belong to Aragorn and not to Boromir. Frodo makes it very clear that his journey is sanctioned and tells Faramir not to oppose him. Faramir tells them that Boromir is dead. He speaks of treachery against him and Sam tells him to get to the point. Faramir warns the hobbit to be patient and admits that Boromir was his brother. He found his brother's horn broken a few days before. He also saw the golden belt of Galadriel when he found the boat carrying his brother's corpse. Frodo cannot tell him how his brother died and he himself is amazed that the warrior fell. Faramir blames the ill on the fact that Boromir entered Lothlorien.

Frodo tells him that he must return to protect Minas Tirith. Faramir agrees with this and tells the hobbits that it is unsafe for them to move along the roads. Later, Faramir accuses Frodo of not being frank about Isildur's bane. He guesses that it was a point of contention in the company. Frodo tries to skirt the subject, but Faramir also guesses that Boromir was the chief agitator in this conflict. He explains that ever since they were young children, Boromir has been deeply angry that they were stewards and not Kings. He is sure that Boromir would have challenged Aragorn if he had been given the opportunity. He then speaks of Gandalf, and Frodo tells him of the wizard's demise in Moria. Faramir cannot guess what Isildur's bane might be, but he wishes that he had gone to Rivendell instead of his brother.

He offers Frodo any help that he can give him. Frodo wants to tell him everything, but holds back. They walk in silence for a while and Sam thinks about Gollum. They come to a wide river and Faramir says that he is to lead them to a good place. "'But it is a command that no stranger...shall see the path we now go with open eyes. I must blindfold you.'" Book 4, Chapter 5, pg. 356. Frodo and Sam submit to this and follow their guide for some time. Before long, Faramir takes their blindfolds off and they find themselves behind a waterfall in some beautiful tower. He welcomes them and bids them to rest for a while.

Tables are set up for a meal and a man reports signs of a creature that Frodo and Sam recognize as Gollum. They say nothing. The food is set on the tables. Frodo and Sam sit next to Faramir and are delighted by the meal. Afterwards, Faramir directs them to the deep recesses of the cave and says that he would like to exchange stories. He asks about his brother in Lothlorien. Faramir tells them that many people of Gondor have given up hope. He thinks that the ancient race of men was spread too thin and some have strayed. The stewards of Gondor have kept the kingdom together and remained allies with Rohan. He defines men as high and middle and thinks that only the middle men remain.

Faramir thinks that his brother was valiant but foolish. He says elves have become distant and strange but Sam says that Galadriel is the most beautiful sight he has ever had in his life. Sam slips and says that Boromir wanted the Ring. Frodo tells him that he is a fool to speak of it and Faramir realizes what is going on. He laughs that they ran from Boromir to come to Faramir who has a battalion of men with whom he may take possession of the Ring. Frodo and Sam reach to their hilts and Faramir calms them down. He tells them that he wouldn't even pick such a thing up if he found it on the side of the road. He is wise enough to know that there are some things that one should flee in life. They sit down and he marvels that Frodo never uses the Ring. Frodo tells him that he is going to Mordor and then passes out. Faramir catches him and Sam tells him that he has shown he is of a high character. Faramir humbly accepts the compliment.

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