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The Two Towers Objects/Places

Ring of Power: The most important item in The Lord of the Rings. This ring was crafted by the evil lord Sauron and can overpower all of the other rings of Middle Earth: the nine belonging to men, three to elves, and three to dwarves. Bilbo found it by accident in the deep caverns of the Misty Mountains in The Hobbit. It makes normal mortals invisible, but can give great power to those who know how to use it. Sauron, risen again, desires the ring so he can overcome the forces of good. The ring must be destroyed so that no one can wield it.

Mordor: The land of evil and seat of Sauron's power. It is to Mordor that Frodo must go to destroy the ring.

Hobbits: Creatures half the size of men with round faces and bellies and hairy toes. They tend to live in homes that are partially underground and they very rarely go on adventures.

Orcs: Goblin-like creatures who inhabit mountains and work for Sauron.

Horn of Boromir: The horn that men of Boromir's line have carried for many generations. He uses it before he dies to call Aragorn and the others. When Faramir, his brother, encounters Frodo and Sam, he speaks of this horn and its loss.

elves : Graceful and thin people who live for an indefinite amount of time. Elves are associated with the forest and nature as well as magic. In these books there are the High Elves and the wood elves

Dwarves: Short stocky people who have beards. They are usually associated with mountains, mining, and metal-working. For some past transgression, they are sworn enemies of the elves.

Rohan: A kingdom north of Gondor inhabited by a fierce group of people who tame and raise horses. Rohan is Gondor's only remaining ally and was once powerful in war. The rise of evil in Isengard threatens the country and prompts it to rise again.

Gondor: The country that stands alone against the evil of Sauron and Mordor. Stewards who await the return of the line of kings rule it. It is west of Mordor and south of Gondor.

Isengard: The citadel of Saruman, where he raises his great army and plans his conquest of Rohan.

Riders of Rohan: The name of the army and elite fighting corps of Rohan.

Lothlorien: A beautiful enchanted forest through which the company passed before they were split. Most men fear it because of baseless legends.

Shadowfax: A horse Gandalf borrowed from king Theoden. It became a point of contention when Gandalf became the only rider it would accept. Eventually, Theoden gives it as a gift to Gandalf.

Edoras: The seat of Theoden.

Fangorn: The forest of Treebeard where the ents dwell.

Lembas: The wafer food that was giving to the company by the elves. It is sort of magical. It has the power to sustain a traveler for many days after only eating very little.

Ents: Giant creatures that look like trees. They live an indefinite amount of time and possess great strength and wisdom.

Entwives: The female ents. They disappeared after the first rise of Sauron.

Orthanc: The tower in the middle of Isengard. It was made before the wizards came and is very powerful.

Minas Tirith: The capitol city of Gondor.

Balrog: The beast that terrorized the mines of Moria.

Moria: Ancient mines of the dwarves that were overcome by orcs and the Balrog. When the Company of the Ring passed through these mines, Gandalf fell into a deep pit wrestling with the terrible beast.

Helm's Deep: An ancient fortress in a gorge near the border between Rohan and Isengard. It is here that Theoden makes a stand against the armies of Saruman and is triumphant.

Huorns: Black trees with the ability to move and fight. They hate orcs especially and are the reason that Rohan defeats the orcs at Helm's Deep.

Palantir: A stone that allows one to communicate over long distances. There were originally seven. Gandalf takes one from Orthanc and Pippin looks into it. It is through this stone that Sauron gained control of Saruman.

Nazgul: The black riders from the Fellowship of the Ring. These creatures are Ringwraiths and they search for the Ring of Power. Their new form is of a winged horse representing the increased power and reach of Sauron

Minas Ithil: A fortress on the far side of Mordor where there are fewer guards and more secret passages. Sauron calls it Minas Morgul. It was once a place of good built by Aragorn's ancestor, Isildur, to watch over Mordor.

Oliphaunts: Tolkein's version of elephants. They are used by the southern men in war.

Ithilien: The land outside of Minas Ithil. It was once a beautiful plain, but now it is shrouded in darkness from the shadow of Mordor. Men of Gondor still patrol it.

Rivendell: An elvish settlement where the Company of the Ring originally met and set out for their long journey.

Isildur's Bane: Another name for the Ring of Power. It is called this because Isildur, an ancestor of Aragorn, took it from Sauron and then lost it in a lake.

Phial of Galadriel: A glowing object that Galadriel gave to Frodo. Frodo uses the phial to help the party escape Shelob's lair, by blinding the great spider with light.

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