Chapter 8, The Dentist Notes from The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien
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The Things They Carried Chapter 8, The Dentist

Tim didn't really feel sad really feel sad when Curt died, because he didn't like the little he knew of him. He thinks Curt was arrogant, and Tim doesn't want to feel sentimental about Curt just because he's dead, so he tells this story: At a time when little is happening in their platoon, a dentist is sent in to check their teeth. Curt was not afraid of pain or blood, but something about dentists frightened him. At first he said he wouldn't go to the dentist, but when his name was called, he went. He fainted in the chair. He was so embarrassed that he woke the dentist up later that night, saying he had a terrible toothache. The dentist couldn't find anything wrong, but finally he pulled the tooth because Curt wouldn't leave him alone. The next morning, Curt felt much better about himself.

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