Chapter 11, Church Notes from The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien
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The Things They Carried Chapter 11, Church

One afternoon the men camp in a nearly abandoned pagoda--two monks live there who speak almost no English. Kiowa thinks it's wrong to camp in a church. But the monks seem to like them, especially Henry Dobbins. One day Henry tells Kiowa he might join the monks after the war. Kiowa is surprised, but Henry says what he wants to do is be nice to people. He isn't smart enough, he says, to explain the ways of God to people, but he would like to wear robes and be kind. Kiowa, a devout Christian, says he wouldn't want to be a minister, but he likes churches--and he still thinks it's wrong to bring the war into any holy house. Henry agrees, and, sending the monks away with candy and fruit, says that all one can do is be nice.

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