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The Tin Drum Book Notes is a free study guide on The Tin Drum by Gunther Grass. Browse the summary below:

  Author Biography / Context of the Work

  One-Page Plot Summary

  Character Descriptions

  Object/Place Descriptions


  Topic Tracking

      Topic Tracking: Individuality/Identity

      Topic Tracking: Red & White

  Chapter Summaries

      Book 1, Chapter 1: The Wide Skirt

      Chapter 2: Under the Raft

      Chapter 3: Moth and Light Bulb

      Chapter 4: The Photograph Album

      Chapter 5: Smash a Little Windowpane

      Chapter 6: The Schedule

      Chapter 7: Rasputin and the Alphabet

      Chapter 8: The Stockturm. Long-Distance Song Effects

      Chapter 9: The Rostrum

      Chapter 10: Shopwindows

      Chapter 11: No Wonder

      Chapter 12: Good Friday Fare

      Chapter 13: Tapered at the Foot End

      Chapter 14: Herbert Truczinski's Back

      Chapter 15: Niobe

      Chapter 16: Faith, Hope, Love

      Book 2, Chapter 17: Scrap Metal

      Chapter 18: The Polish Post Office

      Chapter 19: The Card House

      Chapter 20: He Lies in Saspe

      Chapter 21: Maria

      Chapter 22: Fizz Powder

      Chapter 23: Special Communiqués

      Chapter 24: How Oskar Took His Helplessness to Mrs. Greff

      Chapter 25: 165 lbs.

      Chapter 26: Bebra's Theater at the Front

      Chapter 27: Inspection of Concrete, or Barbaric...

      Chapter 28: The Imitation of Christ

      Chapter 29: The Dusters

      Chapter 30: The Christmas Play

      Chapter 31: The Ant Trail

      Chapter 32: Should I or Shouldn't I?

      Chapter 33: Disinfectant

      Chapter 34: Growth in a Freight Car

      Chapter 35: Firestones and Tombstones

      Chapter 36: Fortuna North

      Chapter 37: Madonna 49

      Chapter 38: The Hedgehog

      Book 3, Chapter 39: In the Clothes Cupboard

      Chapter 40: Klepp

      Chapter 41: On the Fiber Rug

      Chapter 42: In the Onion Cellar

      Chapter 43: On the Atlantic Wall or Concrete Eternal

      Chapter 44: The Ring Finger

      Chapter 45: Last Streetcar or Adoration of a Preserving Jar

      Chapter 46: Thirty

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