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A Tale of Two Cities Topic Tracking: Resurrection

Book 1, Chapter 3

Resurrection 1: Mr. Lorry's dream, in which he is digging a man out of earth, symbolizes the real-life resurrection that is about to take place in the book, when he brings a man who had long been unjustly imprisoned back into society.

Book 1, Chapter 4

Resurrection 2: Mr. Lorry cannot let go of the image of a man being buried alive and resurrected. Dickens describes Mr. Lorry's thought process as "digging."

Book 1, Chapter 6

Resurrection 3: Mr. Lorry wonders if, when he finally "resurrects" the prisoner who has been "buried alive" for so long, if the man will even want to be brought back into the world.

Book 2, Chapter 3

Resurrection 4: With the jury's acquittal, Darnay has been "resurrected" from his seemingly certain fate of torture and execution.

Book 2, Chapter 13

Resurrection 5: Carton's deep, unspoken love for Lucie has resurrected feelings in him that are indicative of the man he used to be, before alcohol and depression ravaged him.

Book 2, Chapter 14

Resurrection 6: Young Jerry discovers his father's second occupation as a "Resurrection Man," someone who digs bodies out of their graves and sells them to science laboratories for dissection.

Book 2, Chapter 16

Resurrection 7: Darnay's true identity has been resurrected, a fate he has been trying to escape.

Book 2, Chapter 18

Resurrection 8: With the trauma of Lucie's wedding--and his knowledge of Darnay's secret--Dr. Manette has undergone a shock, and his old fears and mental state have been resurrected.

Book 3, Chapter 6

Resurrection 9: Dr. Manette himself has been resurrected, as he can finally return to his native France and receive the respect he had once enjoyed before his long imprisonment. With his acquittal, Darnay has also been resurrected once again, through the influence of Dr. Manette.

Book 3, Chapter 15

Resurrection 10: With his stunning sacrifice, Carton has resurrected Darnay from certain death, Lucie from widowhood, and Dr. Manette from a return to the madness that plagued him as a prisoner.

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