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Book 3, Chapter 7 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 3, Chapter 7

Charles returns to his wife in the apartment in Paris. As Lucie, Charles, their daughter and Dr. Manette are sitting in their apartment the evening of his release from prison (while Jerry and Miss Pross have gone out to gather supplies for the evening meal), they hear footsteps on the stairs, followed by a knock on the door. Lucie, distressed, asks her father to hide Charles. Her father tells her to be calm, as he has saved her husband. He answers the door. Four men wearing red caps and carrying weapons enter the room and demand Charles. Charles presents himself and is told that he is once again being taken prisoner. He is told that he is being summoned back to the Conciergerie for tomorrow, and he will find out why then. Dr. Manette, stunned, asks the men if they know who he is; they say yes. He asks to know why this is happening. They tell him Charles has been denounced by Monsieur and Madame Defarge, and one other citizen who they refuse to name.

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