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Book 3, Chapter 2 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 3, Chapter 2

One day, as Mr. Lorry is toiling at Tellson's Paris office, he is stunned to see Dr. Manette and Lucie in his chambers. Lucie tells him they have come for Charles, who has been sent to prison. Dr. Manette adds that he has great influence over the revolutionaries, having been a prisoner in the Bastille, unjustly held by the repressive regime they have been fighting against. He says he has come to save Charles, and that he was able to find out where Charles is imprisoned because of this influence. Mr. Lorry tells Lucie to be as calm and serviceable as she can be, as they are all in danger. He begs them not to look out the window, where a large crowd has gathered around a stone in the yard, sharpening all manner of weapons on it--knives, bayonets, hatchets, swords. The crowd of men and women is dressed in rags, and their clothing and weapons are drenched in blood. The stone is also stained with a red that could never be removed. Mr. Lorry whispers to Dr. Manette that the revolutionaries are murdering the prisoners, and that he must get to La Force right away.

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Dr. Manette goes out to meet the crowd. They look at him suspiciously, but when he explains who he is, they exclaim, "Long live the Bastille prisoner!" and begin yelling that the prisoner Evrémonde at La Force must be saved. Mr. Lorry closes the curtain, and Lucie falls at his feet. Miss Pross puts little Lucie in Mr. Lorry's bed, and the long night drags on as the revolutionaries continue to sharpen their knives on the grindstone.

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