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Book 2, Chapter 18 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 2, Chapter 18

Lucie and Charles are happily married; Dr. Manette is pleased to tell Charles that Lucie is now his. After the wedding, Mr. Lorry stops by Tellson's. He tells Miss Pross that when he comes back, they will take the doctor out for dinner and a ride in the country to help him deal with the momentary shock of losing Lucie (even though Lucie and Charles have decided to live with her father in the apartment above his living quarters). When he comes back from Tellson's and stops by Dr. Manette's, he is surprised to hear a low hammering sound emanating from Dr. Manette's room. Miss Pross comes to him with a terrified face, declaring that Dr. Manette is making shoes.

Mr. Lorry goes to Dr. Manette's room and sees the doctor busily making shoes. Mr. Lorry asks the doctor what he is working on, and Dr. Manette tells him it is a lady's walking shoe. Dr. Manette looks up occasionally but is mostly interested in his work. Mr. Lorry realizes immediately that he must not tell Lucie or anyone else who knows the doctor besides Miss Pross. He takes time off from Tellson's and watches the doctor attentively. He realizes after the first day that things are worse than he realized and that all he can do is watch the doctor. Dr. Manette does not improve for nine straight days, during which time he becomes frightfully adept at making shoes.

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