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Book 2, Chapter 17 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 2, Chapter 17

Lucie is sitting under the plane-tree with Dr. Manette on the night before her marriage. They are having an earnest conversation in which Lucie promises not to change and to always be there for her father. She tells him that if she had never met Charles, she would have been perfectly happy to continue living as she had been with him. He tells her earnestly that he dreamed of her in captivity, and that his troubles at their worst never compared to how happy he has felt after their reunion. That night, she has dinner with her father and Miss Pross, and after dinner they go to bed. That night, Lucie tiptoes into her father's room and finds him sound asleep. She kisses him goodnight as he sleeps, then tiptoes away.

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