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Book 1, Chapter 2 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 1, Chapter 2

One Friday night in late November, a carriage carrying the Dover mail is proceeding along the Dover road. Three passengers are accompanying the mail. It is an exceedingly cold night, and the passengers are trudging alongside the carriage, as the carriage is so heavy that the horses are refusing to cooperate. The coachman, guard, and the passengers are all suspicious of each other, as crime and robberies are frequent occurrences. A messenger approaches the carriage looking for Mr. Jarvis Lorry on behalf of T. and Co. Mr. Lorry recognizes the messenger as a fellow employee at Tellson's Bank in London and asks to receive the message. The guard is suspicious of strangers but reluctantly agrees. Mr. Lorry reads the message, which instructs him to wait at Dover for "Mam'selle." Mr. Lorry turns to the messenger and says, "'Jerry, say that my answer was, "RECALLED TO LIFE."'" Book 1, Chapter 2, pg. 8 The messenger is puzzled by the message. He shakes his head incredulously but agrees to deliver it. The other men pile into the carriage and pretend to fall asleep. The guard and coachmaster admit to each other that they also find the message puzzling.

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