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Book 2, Chapter 10 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 2, Chapter 10

One year passes. Darnay continues to live in London, where he is tutoring students in French (he also spends some time tutoring at Cambridge). He is suitably prosperous, but only through hard work. He has also come to realize that he is in love with Lucie Manette. He decides that he can no longer withhold his feelings, and he pays a visit to Dr. Manette. He tells the doctor that he is deeply in love with his daughter, that he has not told Lucie of his feelings, and that he has withheld his emotions as long as he could for fear of interrupting the delicate and strong relationship between Lucie and the doctor. Dr. Manette is stunned and shaken at the thought of someone else loving his daughter so deeply, but he collects himself and tells Darnay that he already knew of his feelings. Darnay asks the doctor if Lucie has any other suitors, and Dr. Manette replies that the only men who visit her are Mr. Stryver and Sydney Carton, and that he has no idea whether these men are romantically interested in Lucie. Darnay then confesses that he has something important he needs to tell Dr. Manette--that his true surname is not Darnay. He says he wants to tell Dr. Manette what his true name is and why he is in England. Dr. Manette implores him to stop; he asks Darnay that if he and Lucie should fall in love to tell him the secret on their marriage morning. Darnay agrees to the promise and leaves. Later, Lucie comes home and calls for her father. She hears nothing but a low hammering sound emanating from his bedroom. She looks in his door and retreats in fear, but collects herself and returns. She taps at his door and calls for him, and he comes out to her. They walk up and down together for a long time, a ritual they had engaged in to soothe him when he was first released from captivity.

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