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Book 2, Chapter 4 Notes from A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities Book 2, Chapter 4

Dr. Manette, Lucie Manette, Mr. Lorry, the solicitor for the defense, and the defense counsel, Mr. Stryver, stand around Darnay and congratulate him on his acquittal. Darnay kisses Lucie's hand and thanks Mr. Stryver warmly. After conversing, the group disperses. Carton approaches Mr. Lorry and the two men begin conversing about the case until Mr. Lorry leaves to return to Tellson's. Carton, who appears to be drunk, then insists to Darnay that the two men should have dinner. At dinner, Carton proceeds to drink even more, and he attempts to argue with Darnay. Carton asks Darnay if he thinks he is drunk, and Darnay says that he believes that Carton has been drinking. Carton tells him that he doesn't care for anyone on earth, and no one cares for him. Darnay replies that he is sorry at this, as Carton could have used his talents better. Darnay leaves, and Carton asks himself if he likes Darnay. He mutters that it has done him no good to talk to a young man who resembles him, and who reminds him of what he might have been. He admits to himself that he hates Darnay. He finishes his pint of wine and falls asleep at the table.

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