Chapter 5 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 5

The community comes to church, and files in the door to fill the pews. Tom is seated on the aisle, as far from the windows and the outdoors as possible. The townsfolk file in, including Widow Douglas and the Model Boy, Willie Mufferson. The service begins with a bell, a hymn, long announcements, and a sermon delivered by the minister.

Bored by the sermon, Tom gets his prized beetle--a "pinch-bug"--out of the "percussion-cap" box he keeps it in and it immediately pinches him. He throws it into the aisle, where it lays on its back. A poodle sees the pinch bug, and investigates it. The bug immediately pinches the dog's nose, and the dog yelps in pain, much to people's amusement. The dog accidentally sits on the beetle, yelps again, and runs, howling, in front of the altar and around the church, eventually jumping in its master's lap, who throws it out the nearest window. The sermon is completely interrupted, and the entire congregation tries to keep from laughing. The minister continues, but the sermon is ruined. At the end of the service, Tom is happy that there was some entertainment at church for once.

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