Chapter 34 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 34

Huck wants to escape from the upstairs window. He doesn't know how to be around upright citizens, and doesn't want to get dressed up. Sid comes upstairs and tells them that they've been looking for Tom all day to go to Widow Douglas' party. She's celebrating Mr. Jones and his sons and their fight against Injun Joe. Sid also tells Tom that Mr. Jones is going to tell everyone about Huck warning them about Injun Joe's attack. Sid, of course, has already told everyone. Tom hits Sid for being mean and ruining the surprise. The boys go down for dinner. Mr. Jones tells the story and everyone pretends to be surprised and applauds Huck. The Widow announces that she's going to take Huck in, send him to school, and give him money to start a business when he is older. Tom stops her, and tells everyone that Huck is rich. Everyone laughs, but Tom rushes out the door, brings the treasure in, and pours it out on the table. "There--what did I tell you? Half of it's Huck's and half of it's mine!" Chapter 34, pg. 203

The entire room is amazed. Tom tells the whole story of the treasure. They count the money and it totals $12,000. No one has ever seen that much money before.

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