Chapter 32 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 32

Back in the village, it is Tuesday, and any hope of finding Tom and Becky is almost gone. The townsfolk go to sleep that night sad, but in the middle of the night the bells start ringing, and people begin to shout that the children have been found. The people rush towards the river, where they meet a carriage with the children and some people leading it. The entire town celebrates. They send a messenger to the cave to tell Judge Thatcher that they have returned. Tom tells the whole story, ending with how he saw daylight at the end of a tunnel after leaving Becky. He went to the light and found a small hole that led out to the riverside. Overcome with joy, they climbed out the hole and cried with happiness. Some men on a skiff came by, fed them, and let them rest before bringing them back to St. Petersburg. He doesn't tell anyone about seeing Injun Joe.

Tom and Becky are exhausted and sick and stay in bed for Wednesday and Thursday. Tom is mostly back to normal by Saturday, but Becky stays in bed until Sunday. Tom goes to visit Huck, who is also still sick, but the Widow Douglas doesn't allow him to see Huck until Monday. Even then, she doesn't let him tell Huck the story, because she doesn't want Huck to get excited. Tom finds out that Injun Joe's unknown partner has been found, drowned, in the river.

Two weeks after Tom and Becky got out of the cave, Tom is on his way to see Huck (who is feeling better) when he decides to stop in to see Becky. At Becky's house, the Judge and some other men tell Tom that there is now a locked iron door on the cave, so no one will get lost in it again. Tom gets very upset, and tells the men that Injun Joe is still in the cave.

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