Chapter 28 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 28

Tom and Huck go out that night to try the door of "Number Two." They don't see Injun Joe or anyone else. However, it is not dark enough to break in that night. They have no luck for a few days, and finally, on Thursday, it is dark and cloudy enough to try. After the tavern closes, they sneak to the alley. Huck keeps watch and Tom goes to open the door. After some time, Tom comes running out the alley, and both boys sprint until they can hide at an old slaughterhouse on the other side of town. As they enter it, a storm begins. Tom tells Huck that he found the door unlocked. As he entered, he almost stepped on Injun Joe's hand while he was asleep on the floor, and took off running. He didn't see the box or a cross, but he saw a lot of alcohol in casks and bottles. The tavern is a "Temperance Tavern," and having alcohol there is against the law.

The storm lets up. The boys agree that Huck should sleep during the day and keep watch at the tavern at night so they can try to sneak in when Injun Joe isn't there. Huck tells Tom he will be in Ben Rogers' hayloft, because the Rogers' slave, Uncle Jake, is nice to him and lets him sleep there. "'He likes me, becuz I don't ever act as if I was above him. Sometimes I've set right down and eat with him. But you needn't tell that.'" Chapter 28, pg. 163 With that, Tom goes home and Huck goes to watch Room Two until daylight.

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