Chapter 27 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 27

Tom has bad dreams of treasure hunting, and half believes the entire thing was a dream when he awakes. As he thinks about it, however, he begins to realize it wasn't a dream, and goes to find Huck after a hurried breakfast. They decide to find Injun Joe. "Number Two" must be the number of a room in a tavern, so they go looking. There are only two taverns in town, and they find out that room 2 at the nastier of the two is always locked and no one goes in or out except at night. Tom says they should get all the keys they can find and try them all on the back door to the room, which is in the alley behind the tavern. If they see Injun Joe, they should track him to see if he leads them to the money, but only at night, when he can't see them.

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