Chapter 25 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 25

Later in the summer, Tom decides he wants to go digging for buried treasure. He finds Huck and tells him all about the places that robbers hide their treasure and treasure maps. They decide that they will start digging under an old dead tree near the haunted house. They smoke and talk about what they will do with their treasure. Huck says he will spend his so his father won't get any of it if he comes back to town. Tom says he'll buy some things and get married. Huck can't believe Tom would want to get married, but Tom swears he has a perfect girl. He doesn't tell Huck it's Becky. They dig for a while, and then give up and try another spot. There's no treasure there, either. Tom realizes it's because they haven't waited until midnight to see where the shadow of the tree limb falls. The boys agree to return at midnight to dig again.

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That night, the boys fail to find treasure once again. They had guessed at the time, but it must not have truly been midnight. They begin to think ghosts are about, and decide to give up. They agree that the next day they will dig at the haunted house, but Huck believes they're taking chances with ghosts if they do. As they leave, they look at the house and walk far away from it on their way home.

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