Chapter 22 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 22

Tom joins a group called "Cadets of Temperance" because they get to wear fancy red sashes at special events, but soon realizes that the promises he made to not smoke, swear, or chew when he joined make him want to do all three even more than before. After three days, Tom quits. Without their restrictions he finds no happiness in being able to smoke, swear, or drink. He begins to worry that the summer is going to be very boring. Many things happen, but nothing relieves the boredom for very long. Boys-and-girls parties only remind him that Becky is out of town for the summer. His secret knowledge about the murder of Dr. Robinson also hangs over his head.

Tom gets the measles and is sick for two weeks. When he can finally leave his bed, he discovers that a revival has come to town. Inspired, everyone (including his friends) have become very religious. Even Huck quotes from the Bible when Tom sees him. Tom is very lonely and goes home to bed. That night, there is a thunderstorm, which Tom believes has been sent by God to wipe him out for being so bad. The next morning, Tom is sick again, and stays that way for another three weeks. When he is finally well again, he still feels lonely and deserted, but then he sees Joe and Huck eating a stolen melon. They have relapsed back into their old ways, the revival already forgotten.

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