Chapter 15 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 15

Tom crosses the river and sneaks into the village to Aunt Polly's house. There, Aunt Polly, Sid, Mary, and Mrs. Harper, Joe's mother, are talking. He sneaks in the house and hides under the bed, where he hears them talking. Joe's mother and Aunt Polly agree that Joe and Tom were misbehaved, but good boys. Aunt Polly begins to cry. Tom, too, starts to cry, and is tempted to reveal himself, but he doesn't. He learns that the funeral is planned for that Sunday. After some prayers, Aunt Polly and the others go to bed. Once Aunt Polly falls asleep, Tom emerges from beneath the bed. He looks at Aunt Polly, pitying her, and places his note next to the bed. He is about to leave, but he gets an idea--one that will make everyone feel better--and takes the scroll, kisses Aunt Polly, and sneaks away.

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Tom doesn't return to Jackson's Island until the sun is up. As he approaches camp, he hears Joe and Huck talking about his disappearance. Joe is sure Tom hasn't deserted them. Tom's note to Joe said they could have his things if he wasn't back by breakfast, and he has returned just in time. Tom tells them an exaggerated story of his adventures. After it is done, he goes off alone to take a nap and Joe and Huck go to fish and explore the island some more.

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