Chapter 14 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 14

Tom wakes up first, fascinated by all the activity of nature around him. A worm crawls across his leg, and Tom is happy because he believes that this means he will have a new set of pirate clothes. Tom wakes Joe and Huck and they go swim in the shallow water on the sandbar. There, they discover that the current has carried the raft away, but they don't care, since they no longer need civilization. After their swim, Tom and Huck fish for some food and Joe cooks their catch with some bacon for breakfast.

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Next, they explore the island. They discover that it's small, only three miles long, and less than two hundred yards from the shore opposite the one St. Petersburg is on. Back at camp, the boys start thinking about home. None of them will admit to being homesick, however. They hear a cannon firing in the distance and go to the shore to investigate. The cannon is on a ferryboat and is being fired to bring their drowned bodies up from the riverbed. They are happy again, because they know that they are the talk of the town.

"Here was a gorgeous triumph; they were missed; they were mourned; hearts were breaking on their account; tears were being shed; accusing memories of unkindnesses to these poor lost lads were rising up, and unavailing regrets and remorse were being indulged: and best of all, the departed were the talk of the whole town, and the envy of all the boys, as far as this dazzling notoriety was concerned. This was fine. It was worth being a pirate, after all." Chapter 14, pg. 91

The boys go back to camp, excited about their fame. They eat and talk about what must be going on in the town. As it gets dark, homesickness returns, and Joe suggests that they might want to investigate happenings at the village. Tom and Huck talk Joe out of the idea, but late that night, Tom gets up. He writes two notes on sycamore bark, leaves one in Joe's hat, and leaves camp.

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