Chapter 13 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 13

Tom decides that, unloved, he must run away and go into a life of crime. He happens on Joe Harper, who also seems upset: "Plainly, here were 'two souls with but a single thought.'" Chapter 13, pg. 80 Joe has just been whipped by his mother. Tom convinces him they should become pirates. They find Huck and make plans to head for Jackson's Island. They agree to meet at midnight. The rest of the day, they tell no one what they have planned, although they all hint that something is about to happen. At midnight, they take a raft and some fire and go to the island. As they sail down the river, Tom looks at the village and imagines Becky seeing him leave to live a pirate's life.

The boys land on a sandbar at the top of the island and leave the raft. They go into the forest and make a fire and get ready to camp. They eat some food they stole from town, and talk about how great being a pirate is. Huck makes a pipe out of a corncob and smokes. Tom and Joe tell Huck all the things pirates do--capture ships and treasure, kill men, kidnap women, and dress in fancy clothes. Huck is embarrassed at his rags, but Tom and Joe tell him that they will get fancy clothes later. Huck falls asleep quickly. Tom and Joe have more trouble. Although they don't talk, they both feel guilty about running away and stealing, because the Bible commands against it. It is only after they both decide that they won't steal again that they fall asleep.

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