Chapter 11 Notes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 11

Dr. Robinson's body is discovered and the news of his murder sweeps the village. Muff Potter's knife has been discovered alongside the body. The Sheriff believes he will be captured soon. The town goes to the graveyard to see the scene of the crime. Tom and Huck go, a little scared. Injun Joe is there as well. Muff Potter appears, confused, and the Sheriff takes him. Potter denies any wrongdoing. Tom and Huck are convinced that Joe sold himself to the devil, because God doesn't punish him for his lies. Even when Joe helps move the body and it bleeds, people say it's because Potter is standing so close. Joe's evildoing is not discovered.

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Tom begins to have nightmares, talking out loud in his sleep. Sid brings it up one day at breakfast. Aunt Polly dismisses the nightmares as shock from news of the murder. Tom avoids the superstitious rituals with dead cats the local boys are performing to find out information about the murder, although he usually would lead such things. Instead, he goes to the jail to visit Muff Potter and give him things to make him more comfortable. The townsfolk, although angry at Injun Joe for helping to steal Hoss Williams' body, are too intimidated to do anything about it.

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