Act 4, Scene 2: Padua. The Street in Front of Baptista's House. Notes from Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew Act 4, Scene 2: Padua. The Street in Front of Baptista's House.

Tranio, dressed as Lucentio ask Hortensio, dressed as Litio, if he believes that Bianca has any other suitors, or at least anyone else whom she desires. Hortensio wonders the same, so they eavesdrop on the lesson that is currently taking place with Lucentio, dressed still as Cambio. They overhear Lucentio and Bianca initially discussing books and then kissing and courting. Outraged and heartbroken, Hortensio reveals himself to Tranio. He cannot believe that she has a suitor under his eyes who is of lower class than he, and vows to leave the 'contest' of her affections. He plans to wed the widow who has already offered her affections toward him. He exits, leaving Tranio to interrupt the two. Tranio tells them that Hortensio (aka Litio) has left and the two are pleased with his future absence, laughing that he will now have to tame a new shrew. "Petruchio is the master / That teacheth tricks eleven and twenty long / To tame a shrew and charm her chattering tongue" Act 4, Scene 2, lines 56-58.

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Biondello runs into the street to warn Lucentio that his father, Vincentio, is in town. He has just seen him. Lucentio and Bianca worry and run off, again leaving Tranio alone. A Pendant enters, after traveling from Mantua. Tranio stops this man and questions him as to his whereabouts, informing him that it is against the law to come to Padua from Mantua. He claims that this Pendant bears a striking resemblance to the noble Vincentio, of whom he has heard. The Pendant will change clothes, stay with him, and undertake the identity of Vincentio, so that the real Lucentio may accept the dower of Bianca. The next leg of the trickery is in place.

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