Act 3, Scene 1: Padua. In Baptista's House. Notes from Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew Act 3, Scene 1: Padua. In Baptista's House.

Bianca enters the house with Lucentio, dressed as Cambio, and Hortensio, dressed as Litio. They both continue to attempt to teach her music and books. She has difficulty learning, for the two men continually bicker with one another over her affections. Lucentio secretly tells Bianca who he really is, how he is in disguise (as is Tranio), and how he is in love with her. A messenger enters to beckon Bianca from her studies and to her sister's chamber, to help her prepare for the wedding that is tomorrow. After Bianca leaves, Lucentio claims he has no more reason to stay, and also exits. To the audience, Hortensio claims that he suspects 'Cambio' to have feelings for Bianca. He stays around to investigate.

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