Act 4, Scene 5: The Road to Padua. Notes from Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew Act 4, Scene 5: The Road to Padua.

Kate, Petruchio, Hortensio, and some servants are traveling on the road to Padua in the heat of the day towards Baptista's house. They are tired, hungry, hot, and frustrated. Petruchio insists that the moon is out, yet Kate continually contradicts him. Hortensio advises Kate to agree with everything Petruchio says, so that they may move forward. She abides and he immediately snaps at her obviously wrong statement. They bicker about the sun and the moon and the heat until they come across an elderly man, wealthy in appearance and garment, who is traveling the same road. He introduces himself as Vincentio of Pisa, who has come to Padua to see his son, Lucentio. Petruchio bursts with excitement and informs Vincentio of all that has occurred in the past few days. As the group continues forward to Padua, Hortensio remarks on his glee at witnessing such craziness and learning how to tame a shrew. "Well, Petruchio, this has put me in heart. / Have to my widow, and if she be frorward, / Then hast thou taught Hortensio how to be untoward" Act 4, Scene 5, lines 77-79.

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