Act 4, Scene 4: Padua. The Street in Front of Baptista's House. Notes from Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew Act 4, Scene 4: Padua. The Street in Front of Baptista's House.

Tranio enters (still dressed as Lucentio) with the Pendant, who is dressed as and prepared to impersonate Vincentio. When Biondello enters, they discuss preparations for the coming trick. They are to back up the fact that Vincentio has been seen in Venice and that he is now seen this day in Padua. When Baptista and Lucentio (as Cambio) enter, everyone assumes the correct role. Tranio introduces the Pendant as his father traveling throughout Italy, and stopping over in Padua to hear and seal the match between his son and Bianca. The Pendant discusses the love between the two with Baptista, and they agree on a dower and a marriage. They also decide that the engagement should take place at Tranio's place, where his father resides. They exit, as Biondello hopes that all will go well between the young lovers. Tranio exits with Baptista as they prepare to inform Bianca of her impending wedding. With such trickery and costumes, Tranio comments to Baptista on the activities of the day: "Welcome, one mess is like to be your cheer" Act 4, Scene 4, line 70. While he is overtly speaking of entertainment and dishes, the phrase can also refer to the problems with deceit and confusion.

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Lucentio and Biondello return to the street, contemplating the match and marriage. They have overheard the conversations between Tranio, Baptista, and the Pendant, and hope that all will go well. Biondello races to the church to warn the priest of what will occur in the next few hours.

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