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Taming of the Shrew Objects/Places

Baptista's House: A majority of the play occurs inside and around Baptista's house. It is where the three suitors first see Bianca, it is where Kate illustrates her shrewish behavior, and it is also where the two sisters learn and study.

Padua: Padua is the city in Italy in which Baptista lives. The characters all come to Padua from Mantua, from Pisa, and from Verona to woo and marry Bianca and Kate.

Lucentio's House: Lucentio's house is where Vincentio discovers his imposter, the Pendant. The final wedding banquet also takes place inside Lucentio's house.

The Street to Padua: Kate and Petruchio struggle with the heat and horse on their voyage from Petruchio's country home to Padua. Grumio and the rest of the servants fear for their sanity, safety, and lives under the control of Petruchio, on this street to Padua.

Lute: Tranio offers a lute as a gift to Baptista in exchange for the opportunity to woo his daughter, Bianca. Later that day, Kate uses the lute to strike Hortensio (dressed as Litio) over the head.

Hortensio's House: Petruchio stays with Hortensio at Hortensio's house for a portion of the play. It is in front of Hortensio's house that Petruchio finds his friend and is persuaded to woo Kate.

Cap/Dress: Petruchio's tailor and haberdasher create a new cap and dress for Kate. However, as soon as they present them, Petruchio throws them on the floor, insulting them and their makers, forcing Kate to attend her father's house in the muddy clothes she is currently wearing.

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