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Act 4, Scene 1 Notes from Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night Act 4, Scene 1

The clown is trying to get Sebastian, who he thinks is Cesario, to visit Olivia. Sebastian, of course, has no idea what the clown is talking about, and is annoyed. Andrew, Fabian and Toby arrive, and Andrew attacks Sebastian, thinking he is Cesario. Sebastian fights back, wondering if everyone has gone crazy. Bewildered, the clown runs off to tell Olivia what has happened. Just as Sebastian and Toby draw their swords to fight, Olivia approaches. She throws Sir Toby out, desperate to protect her dear Cesario. The other men leave her alone with Sebastian. She tells him to forget Toby and come with her to her house. Completely confused yet attracted to Olivia, Sebastian follows her home.

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