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Notes on Objects & Places from The Tempest

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The Tempest Objects/Places

Carthage: An ancient city on the Northern coast of Africa in what is modern Tunisia. This city was settled by Phoenicians in the archaic period and it challenged the rising Roman Republic in three wars culminating in its own destruction in the second century B.C.E. This is where Alonso's wedding party is coming from at the beginning of the play.

Milan: A prominent city on mainland Italy. This is the seat of Prospero's dukedom, which was wrongly taken from him by his brother.

Naples: This Kingdom was based in the modern day city of Naples on the bay of Naples which is located on the western shore of Italy. This is where Alonso resides.

Prospero's Books: These are a symbol of Prospero's power as well as his old world education. Caliban identifies these as the objects to be destroyed early on in the conspiracy.

Ship: The ship, although tossed about by the storm, is hidden by the powers of Ariel. When the conflicts have been resolved, the ship is revealed and its mariners are awoken.

Tunis: This is the same area as Carthage.

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