Chapter 21 Notes from To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 21

Cal gave Atticus a note from Alexandra telling him that the children were missing and had been gone since noon. When Atticus explained it to the judge, Mr. Underwood, the town newspaperman, pointed Jem, Scout, and Dill out in the balcony. Atticus called them down and met them in the foyer. He sent them home with Cal to eat supper, but he gave in and told them they could come back after their meal to wait for the verdict.

After they'd eaten, the children went back up to the courthouse and waited until well after eleven that night. When the jury finally returned, Scout watched in a dreamlike state as they came back in. Atticus had once told her that if the jury had convicted the defendant, they wouldn't look at him. No one in the jury looked at Tom Robinson. They declared Tom guilty, and Atticus gathered his papers, said a few words to Mr. Gilmer, whispered to Tom, and then left the courthouse.

Scout watched from the balcony above as Atticus walked out until she realized that someone was shaking her shoulder. The reverend and all the colored folks in the balcony were standing because Atticus was walking by.

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