Chapter 13 Notes from To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 13

Alexandra announced that she'd be staying with them because she and Atticus had decided that it was time the children had a feminine influence in their home. Alexandra moved right in and made herself at home, and soon enough it seemed as if she'd lived there forever. She was an active part of the neighborhood, and she brought with her a sense of the social hierarchy of Maycomb County. When it became obvious to her that Scout and Jem had no sense of pride concerning their heritage as well as no sense of duty to their name, she insisted that Atticus explain to them that they were Finches and they should behave like it. Atticus tried to explain to them how they should behave being from a family of gentle breeding, and as he talked, he fidgeted uncomfortably and cleared his throat. His behavior and his request didn't seem like the Atticus they loved at all. As he had talked, he had realized the ludicrous request Alexandra had made on him and his children and told them to ignore what he'd said. When he had said that, Scout had felt like the old Atticus was back. Scout says that she "know[s] now what he was trying to do, but Atticus was only a man. It takes a woman to do that kind of work." Chapter 13, Pg. 137

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