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Tender is the Night Topic Tracking: Money

Money 1: When shopping, Rosemary spent her money carefully, buying limited items, whereas Nicole shopped for herself and bought everything she liked that she couldn't use for other people, and it seemed as if everybody and everything gave way to her.

Money 2: When Dick asked if Rosemary wanted to go into the party, and Rosemary said that she didn't care, Dick said that they had to because one of the ladies inside wanted to buy pictures from a friend of his who needed the money. However, he warned Rosemary that she wouldn't like the people, and told her that they would only stay for five minutes.

Money 3: Rosemary noticed that she and Nicole spent money in very different ways. Whereas Nicole was sure the money that she spent was hers, Rosemary spent money as if it had been lent to her and she had to be careful where she spent it. Rosemary admired Nicole's way of spending.

Money 4: Beth wanted to make sure that Dick was not trying to marry Nicole just because she is rich.

Money 5: After saying that money didn't matter, Nicole accepted her family's money so that she could maintain her lifestyle. She wanted the nicer apartment, and then she wanted to spend her money so that they could have a house. She rambled about her travels with Dick- they traveled all over the world that year.

Money 6: It was very important to Dick for him to pay his share of everything. Nicole had rejected the simple arrangement they had made in Zurich and spent money extravagantly. Dick felt that his work was not as important because Nicole made more money than he did.

Money 7: Beth told Dick of a property of their mother's that had been sold and asked him if he knew how to invest Nicole's share of the money. Dick felt insulted by this.

Money 8: Beth liked the possibility of Nicole living close to a mental clinic and told Dick that he and she should think it over. Dick really felt like she was saying: "We own you, and you'll admit it sooner or later. It is absurd to keep up the pretense of independence." Book 2, Chapter 13, pg. 177 Dick resents Beth's "cold rich insolence."

Money 9: Dick had never felt more secure with himself than when he was with Nicole, although he admitted that her money made him feel trapped in the marriage.

Money 10: Dick began to think of fond memories of his father, the cleric, who had always had a good heart. Dick remembered how his father used his mother's money to put him through medical school; and how it was different to the way he was spending money now.

Money 11: Kaethe said that Nicole would not come close to her or let their children play together. Franz asked her to stop insulting Nicole since it was her money that enabled them to open to the clinic.

Money 12: Dick told Franz that he wanted to leave the clinic for good, and Franz agreed, saying that he had expected this and that he could give Dick back all of Nicole's money by the end of the year. Dick felt a sense of relief. "Not without desperation he had long felt the ethics of his profession dissolving into a lifeless mass." Book 3, Chapter 3, pg. 256

Money 13: Since they sold Nicole's share of the clinic and they had investments in America, money was plentiful and the Divers were able to travel extravagantly. They traveled with maids and governesses, who help them with their extensive amount of baggage on the train. The Divers attracted attention as if they were a royal family.

Money 14: For months Nicole had sensed that things between she and Dick were changing. Dick had become increasingly indifferent, and he had been drinking too much. Nicole could not determine how Dick was going to behave from one day to the next. Nicole was ready for a change, and she felt that it would be a relief. Her money acted as a security blanket for her.

Money 15: Tommy told Nicole that she was the most dramatic person he had ever known. He told her that she had too much money--and that "Dick can't beat that." Nicole asked him what she should do. "Everything Tommy said became part of her forever." Book 3, Chapter 8, pg. 293

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