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Tender is the Night Topic Tracking: Love

Love 1: At almost two, Rosemary and her mother went to the dining room for lunch. Rosemary informed her mother that she had fallen in love at the beach.

Love 2: Later, she cried in her mother's lap, and told her mother that she loved Dick, but that she also liked his wife, and that it was hopeless. When her mother said that she would like to meet him, Rosemary answered that they had invited them to dinner on Friday.

Love 3: Dick had the ability to make everybody around him feel special and loved by him. He won everyone quickly with his exquisite consideration and politeness.

Love 4: Dick then paid her a few compliments and said that she especially intrigued Nicole when they had first seen her. Feeling that she was being passed along to Nicole, Rosemary again told Dick that she had fallen in love with him since the moment she had seen him.

Love 5: Rosemary saw Campion crying and asked him what the matter was. Campion replied by saying that it was better to be young and cold than to bear the sorrow that love brings.

Love 6: Rosemary recognized the two passionate voices as Dick's and Nicole's, and they were expressing their love and passion for each other.

Love 7: Meeting up with the rest of the group, Dick pointed to a plain and told Rosemary that that land cost twenty lives a foot in the summer of the war. Rosemary was so engrossed in Dick that she would have believed anything he said. Her love had reached a point where she was beginning to be unhappy and desperate. She didn't know what to do and wanted to talk to her mother.

Love 8: Rosemary smiled and told Dick that she was in love with him and Nicole, and that she couldn't even talk to anybody about him because she didn't want anyone to know how wonderful they were. Dick had heard this many times--even the formula was the same. She then kissed him and lay on his arm and sighed, telling him that she had decided to give him up, since she loved him so much.

Love 9: When Dick told Rosemary that he loved Nicole, she answered by saying that he could love more than one person. Finally, he said that he didn't love her, and when she said that she didn't expect that, he simply stated that she was too young, and that there would be much to teach her.

Love 10: Dick told Rosemary that although he loved her, there was nothing they could do about it, and that Nicole must never find out. After Rosemary said that nothing matters, as long as he loves her, he continued to say that Nicole must not suffer, and that he also loved Nicole and she loved him.

Love 11: After hearing about Rosemary with a third person, Dick felt a change within himHe could vividly picture every minute of the story, including Bill asking Rosemary if she would mind if he pulled the curtain down. Whereas the story had no impression on Collis, except that it proved to him that Rosemary was 'human', Dick realized that Collis was in love with Rosemary.

Love 12: When Rosemary and Dick walked into the bathroom where sounds were coming out of, they found Nicole rocking and crying and she shouted at Dick that he she never expected him to love her, but to give her privacy in the bathroom - the only place she can be alone.

Love 13: Nicole's later letters to Dick read, "I am slowly coming back to life...I wish someone were in love with me like boys were ages ago before I was sick. I suppose it will be years, though, before I could think of anything like that." Book 2, Chapter 2, pg. 124

Love 14: Dick started to think about his life and wondered: "God, am I like the rest after all?" Book 2, Chapter 4, pg. 133 He thought about how he wanted to be good and wise and loved.

Love 15: Dick commented on his profession and said that, "The weakness of the profession is its attraction for the man a little crippled and broken." Book 2, Chapter 6, pg. 137 Dick considered himself to be one of these men, while he felt that Franz was chosen by fate to be a psychiatrist. Franz thought that Dick was oversimplifying things. They discussed the fact that Dick liked Nicole and that Nicole was possibly in love with Dick.

Love 16: Franz said that he did not think it was necessary for either Nicole or Dick to go away. Dick admitted that he was half in love with Nicole and that he had thought of marrying her. Franz interrupted and said that they would be doomed to fail, and that he might as well never see her again. Dick agreed.

Love 17: Dick assured Beth that Nicole's recent behavior had been normal. Baby then told Dick that she had a plan to move Nicole to the south side of Chicago, where old Chicago families live, and where Nicole could fall in love with a nice doctor. Dick laughed at her suggestion that the Warrens could buy Nicole a doctor.

Love 18: Dick told Nicole that he couldn't fall in love with her and Nicole said that he never gave her a chance. She asked Dick for a chance.

Love 19: Nicole said that she and Dick were in love, that he was going to take care of her, and the two would live simply, without all of her money. She then, however, accepted her family's money so that she could maintain her lifestyle. She wanted the nicer apartment, and then she wanted to spend her money so that they could have a house.

Love 20: Nicole had two children, and after her second child, Topsy, she started to go crazy again. Nicole talked about how work is everything and knowledge is important. She mentioned her friend Mary, and Tommy who was in love with her.

Love 21: Elsie told him that Rosemary was in love with him and that he was the only man that she had ever cared about. Dick told her that he was in love with Rosemary.

Love 22: Dick arrived in Innsbruck and started thinking about how Nicole was far away. He remembered how he loved her when she was at her best. But, Dick needed to go away to find himself again.

Love 23: Dick started falling in love with every pretty girl that he saw.

Love 24: Baby asked if Dick thought Nicole would be better off with someone else. Dick was annoyed with this question because he loved Nicole.

Love 25: Dick asked Beth why she hasn't married yet. She told him that one of the Englishmen she loved was killed in the war, and the other one broke her heart.

Love 26: When Dick had lunch with Rosemary and he realized that they were not in love. There was less passion between them than there was before.

Love 27: As they talk, Dick started to think about his relationships with his lovers and friends. In thinking of these relationships, he realized that, "There was some element of loneliness involved-so easy to be loved-so hard to love." Book 3, Chapter 2, pg. 245

Love 28: Tommy called Nicole, asking her to meet him in Cannes. He wanted her to tell him that she loved him. She told him that she does.

Love 29: Dick and Nicole went to a café with Tommy and Tommy told Dick that Nicole was in love with him. Tommy wanted Dick to admit that their marriage is over. Nicole told Dick that she has grown fond of Tommy. She told Dick that things were never the same after Rosemary.

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