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Tender is the Night Topic Tracking: The English

English 1: There were two types of people at the party that Rosemary and Dick went to: the Americans and English, who had been there all summer and where quiet at times, and explosive at others; and the 'exploiters', who were sober, serious people with no time for fun.

English 2: The American man that Dick met on the street was in the business of selling papers, was in that area because he wanted to audition for the part of the guy who could speak English in the nearby American movie theater.

English 3: Dick observed a few things about the attitudes the English had towards the Swiss- they seemed to be suspicious of them because of their association with the Germans, and they commented on how their cable cars are superior to those in Switzerland and Germany. He found that ill will still existed from the war.

English 4: Dick saw Nicole and Beth in their ski suits from across the room. Nicole's face lit up when she saw Dick. Beth had brought two Englishman along with her. Beth liked the English.

English 5: Dick, Beth, and the Englishmen engaged in a discussion about manners, and Dick patronized one of the Englishman. Beth thinks that English people have more manners and are more 'proper' than others.

English 6: Dick thought that most of the patients liked him better than Dr. Gregorovius. Dick also thought about one of his patients, an English woman, who spoke to him about the music at the clinic. Dick asked her when she was going to play something for all of them, even though he knew she did not know how to play anything.

English 7: Dick spoke to an Englishman, feeling that, "England was like a rich man after a disastrous orgy who makes up to the household by chatting with them individually, when it is obvious to them that he is only trying to get back his self-respect in order to usurp his former power." Book 2, Chapter 16, pg. 195

English 8: Baby suggested that Nicole and Dick live in London for a couple of months around sane, English people, rather than keeping Nicole at the clinic. Baby and Dick disagreed about the English. Baby tried to convince him to go to London, telling him how much money she had. Dick did not want to go to London. Beth thinks that English people are more 'proper' than others.

English 9: Beth told Dick that the reason she hadn't married yet was because she had fallen in love with two Englishmen: one of them was killed in the war, and the other one broke her heart.

English 10: Dick noticed a pretty blond English girl smiling at him so he went over to her and asked her to dance. When he went back to the dance floor to find the girl, she had disappeared. He had wanted an English girl to dance with sicne he felt comfortable around them.

English 11: Baby immediately headed to the police station and arrived to hear Dick screaming, asking if there were any English or Americans, since she felt comfortable around them and felt that they understood her.

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