Book 1, Chapter 9 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 9

There was only one star in the sky as Brady's chauffeur drove slowly behind the other car. Although they could not clearly see the car, the taillights appeared from time to time. However, after ten minutes the car was pulled up on the side of the road and they passed it and noticed a grinning chauffeur. As soon as they arrived at Gausse's hotel Rosemary fell asleep for three hours. She then awoke and thought of the potential future with Dick, and what it would be like to kiss him. She tried to think of it through her mother's eyes and realized she had much understanding of the world because of her mother. Rosemary had been raised with the idea of work, and her mother had spent everything her husbands had left her on her daughter's education. However, when Rosemary turned sixteen and was as beautiful as she was, her mother took her to see an American producer who was recuperating in France. When the producer went back to New York, they went too.

Since she couldn't sleep, she put on a light gown and went out her window and for a walk along the terrace, where she came upon Luis Campion, who was weeping hard and quietly. After asking him what the matter was, Campion said that it was better to be young and cold than to bear the sorrow that love brings.

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However, he quickly changed the subject and they went down the steps to a bench beside the road after somebody complained about the noise they were making while talking. Mr. Campion then informs her that there is to be a duel between Tommy Barban and Mr. McKisco. He then told her that the whole ordeal started in the car the night before when Violet McKisco was about to say what it was she had seen when she went to the bathroom. However, Tommy Barban told her to stop and threatened anybody who spoke ill of the Divers. The duel was to be in an hour, at five o'clock. All of a sudden, Abe North joined them and insultingly asked Rosemary if Campion had told her what had happened. Campion answered that he told her only what he heard with his own ears, and then he got up and left. Abe sat down and when Rosemary asked him why he treated Campion so badly, he answered that he had been weeping all morning.

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