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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 8

Dick then reappeared and separated McKisco and Barban, engaging McKisco in a conversation about literature in order to make him feel superior. Meanwhile, the others helped carry lamps through the darkness. Rosemary thought about Dick and that by now, she must have earned time alone with him because his rules must be the same as the ones her mother taught her. She was right and Dick detached her from the crowd on the terrace and brought her inside, where they looked over the Mediterranean.

Dick told Rosemary that he now understood why she spoke so highly of her mother and also that her mother had told him that the amount of time they spend in France depends on her. He continued by saying that since the summer was over, as everybody was leaving in the next few days, he wanted her to go to Paris with him and Nicole to see Abe North of to America. After inquiring about her mother's response and being assured that it was a favorable one, she agreed. She hadn't been to Paris since she went to school there as a child. Dick then paid her a few compliments and said that she especially intrigued Nicole when they had first seen her. Feeling that she was being passed along to Nicole, Rosemary again told Dick that she had fallen in love with him since the moment she had seen him.

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This put Dick on unfamiliar ground and destroyed the impulsiveness that had made him bring her there, and had made him aware of "the too obvious appeal, the struggle with an unrehearsed scene and unfamiliar words." Book 1, Chapter 8, pg. 39 He tried to make her go back to the house, but he didn't want to lose her interest so he joked with her and paid her a few more compliments as they returned to the terrace where he delivered her to Nicole.

It was soon time to go home and everybody left as the Divers stood side by side in the gate, bidding everyone goodnight by name. Rosemary's thoughts returned to Mrs. McKisco and she wandered what it was that she had seen in the bathroom.

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